Offices and Reception building built by Nextaid using earthbag technique. Community gardens in foreground.

NextAid's mission is to improve the lives of children, youth, and women in Africa by promoting and implementing sustainable solutions. NextAid raises awareness for, and partners with, community-based projects and grassroots organizations in Africa and believes that an integrated approach is the best formula for establishing real and lasting change. Through music events and public education initiatives, NextAid provides empowering opportunities for concerned individuals to make a difference.

Due to disease, environmental degradation, poverty and many other challenges, thousands of African women and children lack access to vital resources such as shelter, health-care, food and clothing. Comprised of dedicated volunteers, visionaries and humanitarians, NextAid recognizes these debilitating factors and strives to fulfill basic needs while also providing arts, education, and business opportunities to vulnerable African communities. Not only do women and children deserve to survive, they deserve to thrive in a healthy environment that fosters physical, intellectual and emotional growth.

Weaving our cultivated artist relationships with unwavering commitment to social change, NextAid has been deemed the premier non-profit organization in the electronic music industry. In a few short years, the organization has proven itself as a trusted partner and benefactor. Working alongside leading music labels, top DJs, premiere venues and promoters, NextAid has helped produce successful events that benefit Africans in need. With coveted contacts across the U.S. and overseas, we cast a wide net to provide humanitarian aid.

Through strategic collaborations, NextAid helps fund small-scale initiatives throughout Africa. We partner with African-based organizations that are community-driven and have aspects of business enterprise and/or educational opportunities. Our projects are relatively modest in budget, maximizing impact in disadvantaged communities by embracing principles of sustainable development. Through processes of monitoring and evaluation, we track successes, best practices and create models for future replication.

A sample slate of NextAid’s projects include:

NextAid is known for utilizing creative fundraising strategies year-round. Over the last seven years, the organization has raised more than half a million dollars. Primary sources of funding draw from music events and collaborations, individual donors, and a silent benefactor. In addition, we have been the proud recipient of several grants for natural building workshops from Builders Without Borders and the Foundation for Sustainability and Innovation.

NextAid has been able to make a profound and significant impact through its programs because it takes a grassroots approach to funding and running our organization. We ensure that the maximum funds raised are applied to projects where they will provide the most impact. NextAid keeps overhead costs and administration salaries to a minimum and works with a large volunteer base that consists of people who give up countless hours of time in order to further our philanthropic cause.